Parables as Persuasive Narratives (East Meets West 2)

Parables as Persuasive Narratives -conference was held in 22–24 March 2023, in Joensuu, Finland. The conference focused on the synoptic parables in their literary narrative context while engaging other interrelated matters.

Our keynote speakers included some of today’s most innovative parable scholars:

  • Prof. Ruben Zimmermann, University of Mainz
  • Prof. Ernst van Eck, University of Pretoria
  • Associate Professor Eric Ottenheijm, Utrecht University
  • Prof. Lauri Thurén, University of Eastern Finland

We had plenty of high-level presentations and discussions revolving around different paradigms and approaches regarding the parables! We did not forget to include some fun free time activities! These included an excursion to the Valamo Monastery on Friday, March 24: :