Research Projects

Fraud-Free and Regulatory Know-How – (FORK Project)



Katja Lindroos (Weckström)
Professor of Commercial Law, LL.D.Vice-head of Law School
050 529 3839



Hang Nguyen
Postdoctoral Researcher, Commercial Law, LL.D




Husen Tura
Doctoral Researcher, Food Law and Policy
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Joonas Huuhtanen
Doctoral Researcher, Civil Law
Aurora II, 2nd floor, office 2139.



Juliet A. Ogbodo
Doctoral Researcher, Commercial Law
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Kaisa Varis
Lecturer, M.Sc., Civil Law
050 341 0358
kaisa.varis @
Aurora II, 1. floor, room 1177 (KTL)
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Laura Tammenlehto
Lecturer, Civil Law, M.Sc.
050 442 3994
laura.tammenlehto @
Aurora II, 2. floor, room 2061
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Ndimyake Mwalugaja

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Onerva-Aulikki Suhonen
Lecturer, Civil Law, M.Sc.
050 593 0316



Sirpa Levainen

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